Jewish life is infused with the warmth and beauty of lifecycle traditions that accompany the most momentous occasions in our lives. From the joyful birth of a child to the cherished bar/bat mitzvah, the profound wedding ceremony, the enduring anniversary, and the solemn end-of-life event, these customs connect us to our past and future generations.

The sacredness of these rituals evokes a sense of belonging and unites us as a community. We celebrate these milestones with loved ones, creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime. These traditions are a vital part of our identity and remind us of our unique place in the world.

At Chabad of Downtown Seattle, we cherish the importance of these lifecycle events and are honored to be part of your journey. Our community is always here to share in your joy and provide comfort in difficult times. Let us come together to celebrate and honor these cherished moments in our lives.

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Brit Milah and Baby Naming

What a joyous occasion! Welcoming a newborn into the world is a blessing, and we're here to help you celebrate in a meaningful way. For a baby girl, we can name her during a Torah reading on Shabbat, Monday, Thursday, holidays or Rosh Chodesh. And for a baby boy, we offer a Brit Milah (also known as a bris) ceremony, which includes the ritual of circumcision on the eighth day of his new life.

Our team can connect you with a Mohel, guide you through the ceremony, and even co-officiate alongside the Mohel. The ceremony can take place in the comfort of your own home or at the synagogue.

These beautiful ceremonies represent the continuation of the eternal commitment between G‑d and the Jewish people, affirming the importance of Jewish life for generations to come. We'll work with you to create a personalized ceremony that honors Jewish tradition while reflecting your family's unique needs. Let's make this a momentous and unforgettable experience for everyone involved!


Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Our young teens are reaching an exciting milestone, and we're here to help them prepare. With a combination of religious school, Hebrew classes, and personal tutoring from our rabbi, we ensure they're ready for this important moment.

You have the option to hold the ceremony at Chabad or a venue of your choosing, and we'll work with you to craft a personalized ceremony that meets your needs. Let's create a memorable experience that celebrates your teen's growth and achievements!



The big day is almost here! Before the wedding, the bride and groom will meet with our rabbi to learn about the Jewish perspective on marriage and weddings. We'll cover everything from the Ketubah (marriage document) to the Kiddushin (engagement ceremony), the Chuppah (marriage canopy), the Nissuin (marriage ceremony), and even the tradition of breaking the glass.

Our team can perform the ceremony and help your guests understand the significance of each ritual. Let us guide you through this special day with love and care.


End of Life

During this difficult time, we offer support and guidance to help honor your loved one's life and memory. Our tradition offers several meaningful end-of-life rituals, including Kriah (tearing of a garment), Levayah (funeral procession), Hesped (eulogy), Kevurah (burial), and Shivah (seven days of mourning).

Rabbi Shmuly is available to perform the funeral ceremony, as well as an unveiling (brief graveside ceremony) and to help you navigate other Jewish mourning practices. Let us help you and your family through this challenging time with compassion and care.


Yahrtzeit and Kaddish

Our departed loved ones hold a special place in our hearts and in our tradition. Jewish teachings tell us that we can still honor them even after they're gone. The Kaddish prayer is recited for the first year after a loved one's passing and on their yahrzeit (anniversary of their passing). The Yizkor Memorial prayer is recited four times throughout the year.

If you are observing a yahrzeit and would like to recite the Kaddish prayer with a minyan (service), we can arrange it for you. Please click here to get in touch with us for more information. Let us help you honor and remember your loved ones with the beauty and comfort of Jewish tradition.


Sponsoring a Kiddush

Join us for a delicious Kiddush Luncheon following our Shabbat or holiday services! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any other special family occasion, sponsoring a Kiddush is a wonderful way to share your joy with the community.

By sponsoring a Kiddush, you'll provide a light lunch for everyone to enjoy and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all. It's a beautiful opportunity to share your personal celebration with the community and make your event even more special and memorable.